Cooperatove Conservation Project

Participatory Biological Monitoring Guidelines

Participatory Biological Monitoring Guidelines

Location: Far West Region: Oregon

Project Summary: The “Participatory Biological Monitoring Guidelines” project helps managers and scientists form local partnerships to meet biological monitoring needs while maintaining scientific standards.
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Volunteers working with scientists to collect data off of test plots. Photo by E.T.Jones-2005
Resource Challenge
Biological monitoring is essential for understanding environmental change but often expensive.  In natural resources local organizations have shown increasing interest in partnering with government managers and scientists to help conduct biological monitoring.  Many managers and scientists have been open to the idea of participatory biological monitoring, but have lacked a reference tool geared to their needs that would help facilitate their ability to enter into partnerships.
Examples of Key Partners
  • Natural resource managers and scientists
  • Community organizations and other NGOs
  • Public volunteers
  • Small contractors, forest workers
Results and Accomplishments

The “Participatory Biological Monitoring Guidelines” project helps natural resource managers and scientists expand their ability to form partnerships with local communities and other stakeholders to meet biological monitoring needs while maintaining scientific standards.  The project has produced a set of guidelines designed as a reference tool for working with any type of project whether bottom-up or top-down, large or small, volunteer or small contractor.  While oriented toward natural resource managers and scientists, the guidelines are useful for anyone interested in participatory research processes.  The project maintains a network of advisors and consultants to assist with local implementation.


The project was made possible by the collaboration of many individuals and organizations who attended workshops and served as advisors.

Project Contact
Eric T. Jones, PH.D.
Participatory Research Coordinator
Institute for Culture and Ecology
PO Box 6688
Portland, OR 97228


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