Cooperatove Conservation Project

Assisting Agricultural Producers in Improving Water Quality

Delivery of Animal Feeding Operation / Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (AFO/CAFO) Assistance to Livestock Producers

Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains Region: Wyoming

Project Summary: Partners assist agricultural producers in improving water quality and provide education, technical assistance and financial assistance to owners and operators of animal feeding operations.
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Resource Challenge

Assist agricultural producers in improving water quality and increase education, technical assistance and financial assistance available to owners and operators of animal feeding operations.

Wyoming is an animal agriculture state, but not necessarily a confined animal feeding operation state. Wyoming livestock operations are predominately grazing based.

To increase livestock producers’ knowledge and understanding of the Clean Water Act and a number of it’s regulations.

Goals – Provide educational, technical and financial resources, on a strictly voluntary basis, to Wyoming producers in order to:

  • Assist all CAFOs that are under a state issued National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES).  Provide the resources necessary to these CAFOs in order to meet all permit conditions and requirements.
  • Work with all AFOs with a potentially adverse condition and assist them with correcting that condition to address natural resource concerns.

Assist all other livestock producers who may have a potentially adverse condition, water quality concern or threat .

Examples of Key Partners

Leadership of the overall effort was provided by the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts, with technical support provided by: 

  • Wyoming Department of Agriculture 
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service

Other key participants included:

  • Wyoming Stock Growers Association
  • Wyoming Wool Growers Association
  • Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation
  • Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Results and Accomplishments

A Statewide Animal Feeding Operation Information and Education Campaign was conducted through the use of an informational brochure, workshops and demonstration tours.

WACD-DEQ-NRCS partnership accomplished:

  • 63 workshops and 14 demonstration sites reaching over 2,300 participants
  • 12 Technical Nutrient Management planning workshops reaching over 240 attendees
  • $3,431,000 NRCS funds
  • $245,971 WACD 319 Grant  funds
  • $277,672 Conservation District CWA 319 Grant and local funds
  • 100% of producers who requested assistance received assistance

The brochure, “Wyoming Agriculture Producing Food and Fiber - Clean Water: A Guide to Confined Feeding Operation Management”

  • Reached over 3,000 livestock producers
  • Included a tool to evaluate confined livestock operations
  • Intended to be used by landowners and technical specialists to assist in assessing the risk of individual livestock operations
  • Is available on the Wyoming Association of Conservation District’s web site at
















Assisting livestock producers to comply with both federal and state environmental regulations while improving water quality. All being accomplished with statewide support and making readily available all the needed technical and financial assistance.

Project Contact
Bobbie Frank
Executive Director
Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts
517 East 19th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001
George Cleek
Assistant State Conservationist - Programs
100 East 'B' St, Room 33124 PO Box 33124
Casper, WY 82602-5011

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