Cooperative Conservation Amreica
A Sample of Cooperative Conservation Case Studies
Project Name: Windbreak and Air Quality
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Pennsylvania
Summary: Demonstration sites have been created in Pennsylvania to evaluate the effects of windbreaks on odors coming from poultry, dairy and swine operations.
Contact: Richard Shockey
Resource Conservationist
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Project Name: Nanticoke Watershed Initiative
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Maryland
Summary: The Conservation Fund developed a vision for protecting and interpreting the natural, cultural and recreational resources of the Nanticoke Watershed.
Contact: Keith O'Connor
The Conservation Fund
Project Name: Revegetation Project at Cape May National Wildlife Refuge
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New Jersey
Summary: Study to evaluate cost-effective direct seeding techniques for restoring severely degraded site at former Coast Guard base into quality wildlife habitat along the Atlantic Flyway in New Jersey.
Contact: David Smart
State Resource Conservationist
Project Name: Restoring bog turtle habitat in New York
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York
Summary: Federal, state, and NGO partners are working together with private landowners to restore the wetland habitat of the threatened bog turtle.
Contact: Bruce Hammond
Project manager/Scientist
Environmental Defense
617 723 2996
Project Name: Thirteen Mile Woods
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New Hampshire
Summary: Conservation of 5,316 acres in northern New Hampshire acquired for working forests land conservation and public recreation.
Contact: Tom Sadler
Director of Program Development
Trust for Public Land
Project Name: Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Maryland
Summary: Collaborative long-term study about urban ecology and the social benefits of conservation; project involves extensive monitoring and a significant educational component.
Contact: Michael T. Rains
USDA Forest Service
Project Name: Milton Preserve
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York
Summary: This land donation protects 75 acres of mixed hardwood-conifer forest, and open field, and a pond in Galway, New York.
Contact: Alane Chinian
Executive Director
Saratoga PLAN
Project Name: Saratoga Apple Orchard
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York
Summary: This project preserves some of the best agricultural soils in NY, saves spectacular landscapes and views, and preserves a beautiful entryway to the historic villages of Schuylerville and Victory.
Contact: Alane Chinian
Executive Director
Saratoga PLAN
Project Name: Cecil Field Naval Air Station Cleanup
Location: Southeastern: Florida
Summary: Timely investigation and cleanup of BRAC facilities supports reuse consistent with the economic redevelopment plans of local governments.
Contact: David P. Gragke

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Project Name: Ft. DeSoto park Aquatic Habitat management
Location: Southeastern: Florida
Summary: Re-establishing circuitous flow in back bays with hydrologic crossings, slope, and littoral shelf revegetation leading to seagrass recovery and water quality improvements.
Contact: Eric Fehrmann

Pinellas County
Project Name: Unicoi Turnpike Trail, a National Millennium Flagship Trail
Location: Southeastern: Tennessee
Summary: A 2 1/2 mile hiking trail was restored on the Cherokee NF near Coker Creek, TN of Monroe Co. This historic path was used for centuries by Spanish explorers, native Americans, and settlers.
Contact: Linda Caldwell
Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association, Etowah, TN
(423) 263-7232
Midwest/Northern High Plains
Project Name: Ohio Scioto River Basin Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Ohio
Summary: The Ohio Scioto River Basin CREP helps cost-share the creation of conservation buffers and wetlands on private farms to improve water quality.
Contact: Rob Hamilton
Resource Management Specialist, Division of Soil and Water Conservation
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Project Name: Ohio Greenways
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Ohio
Summary: Ohio Greenways Project, National Park Svc., and others created a statewide greenways plan that helped lead the Clean Ohio Fund to invest over $200 million for greenways, farm preservation, and trails.
Contact: Paul Labovitz
RTCA Program Leader
National Park Service
(330) 657-2950
Project Name: St. Mary's River Bird Migration Corridor Project
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Michigan
Summary: Little Traverse Conservancy received a $1 million grant from the North American Wetland Conservation Act program to protect 1,418 acres and 4 shore miles in the St. Mary's River/Lake Huron watershed.
Contact: Anne Fleming
Little Traverse Conservancy
Project Name: American Fork Canyon Home Rivers Project
Location: South-Central/South-West: Utah
Summary: Trout Unlimited, a third party “Good Samaritan,” will restore abandoned mines on private property to improve trout habitat in American Fork Canyon.
Contact: Ted Fitzgerald
Project Manager, American Fork Creek
Trout Unlimited
Project Name: Fire-affected Community Restoration and Recovery
Location: South-Central/South-West: New Mexico
Summary: Volunteer Task Force provides opportunities for volunteers to participate in ecological restoration and citizen science projects that benefit fire- and drought-affected communities in the Southwest.
Contact: John Hogan
Physical Scientist
U. S. Geological Survey
Project Name: Landscape Change, Grassland Health, and Bark Beetle Infestation
Location: South-Central/South-West: Arizona
Summary: Remotely sensed satellite data are used to develop maps and GIS layers that enable the San Carlos Apache Tribe to manage their lands.
Contact: Edwin L. Pfeifer
Acting Team Chief
U. S. Geological Survey
Far West
Project Name: Evolution of the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC)
Location: Far West: Hawaii
Summary: Maui Invasive Species Committee, an informal private-county-state-federal partnership, works to prevent serious alien plant and animal invasions threatening Haleakala National Park.
Contact: Stephen Anderson
Natural Resource Program Manager
National Park Service
808-572-4480 Stephen_J_Anderson@NPS.GOV
Project Name: Recovery of the White Sea Bass along the California Coast
Location: Far West: California
Summary: The purpose of the OREHP is to investigate the potential for proactively counteracting the depletion of California's coastal marine fisheries through stock enhancement.
Contact: Bill Shedd
Project Name: Tarboo Watershed Project
Location: Far West: Washington
Summary: This project works with landowners and partner organizations to assess, protect, and restore fish and wildlife for the benefit of the local community and future generations.
Contact: Peter Bahls
Northwest Watershed Institute