Cooperative Conservation Amreica
A Sample of Cooperative Conservation Case Studies
Project Name: Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Virginia
Summary: Public & private partners at all levels collaborating to protect, interpret & promote the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District, a congressionally-designated National Heritage Area
Contact: Howard Kittell
Executive Director
Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation
Project Name: Lick Run Project - Chancellorsville, VA
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Virginia
Summary: After a year-long struggle to prevent the upzoning of land connected with the 1863 battle of Chancellorsville, preservation groups joined forces with local government to create a battlefield park.
Contact: Jim Campi
Policy and Communications Director
Civil War Preservation Trust
Project Name: Bristoe Station Battlefield Project, VA
Location: Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: Virginia
Summary: The Civil War Preservation Trust, working with Centex Homes and Prince William County, Va., was able to save 127 acres of this pristine battlefield.
Contact: Jim Campi
Policy and Communications Director
Civil War Preservation Trust
Project Name: Saint Croix Ground Lizard Habitat Restoration, Hotel on the Cay Partnership
Location: Southeastern: Virgin Islands
Summary: In this Partners for Fish and Wildlife program project the FWS implemented a restoration and management plan for the protection and recovery of the endangered ground lizard in St. Croix, USVI.
Contact: Silmarie Padron
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Coordinator
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Midwest/Northern High Plains
Project Name: Mechanized Thinning Trial of Upland Hardwood Forests
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Missouri
Summary: A thinning trial was conducted on a site typical of overstocked, saw log-sized, upland hardwood stands on steep (30%), stony terrain in the Ozarks.
Contact: Peter Becker
Research Coordinator
Eastern Ozarks Forestry Council
Project Name: Asian Long-horned Beetle Eradication
Location: Midwest/Northern High Plains: Illinois, Northeastern/Mid-Atlantic: New York, New Jersey
Summary: A coordinated effort among agencies and citizens to control the spread of the Asian Long-horned Beetle and restore infested areas with tree plantings.
Website: and
Contact: Joseph McCarthy
Senior City Forester, Chicago
City of Chicago—Bureau of Forestry
Project Name: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument
Location: South-Central/South-West: New Mexico
Summary: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is jointly managed by BLM and the Pueblo de Cochti, with support from county and State partners.
Contact: Mr. Donald Suina
Monument Liaison
Pueblo de Cochiti
Project Name: Envision Utah
Location: South-Central/South-West: Utah
Summary: Envision Utah, an unparalleled public-private partnership, educates citizens about urban growth and methods for maintaining quality of life and natural beauty.
Contact: Alan Matheson
Executive Director
Coalition for Utah's Future
Project Name: Binational Ocelot Recovery Project
Location: South-Central/South-West: Texas
Summary: Conservation agencies, organizations and foundations in Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico team up with landowners to save the endangered ocelot through incentives-based stewardship.
Contact: Karen Chapman
Water & Wildlife Analyst
Environmental Defense
Project Name: Bayou Bartholomew Alliance
Location: South-Central/South-West: Arkansas
Summary: The Alliance is introducing a market-based environmental assets program to support improving stream ecosystem quality.
Contact: Ronnie Ulmer

The Nature Conservancy
Far West
Project Name: Josephine County Integrated Fire Plan
Location: Far West: Oregon
Summary: The Josephine County Integrated Fire Plan (JCIFP) addresses wildfire risk and opportunities for public education, fuels reduction and emergency management in southwest Oregon.
Contact: Mark Sorensen
Director General Services Department
Josephine County
Project Name: Big Creek Habitat Restoration Project
Location: Far West: Oregon
Summary: A diverse group of partners provided a continuity of restored stream habitat within Big Creek that will benefit water quality, salmon, and other stream and riparian resources.
Contact: Elaine Raper
Field Manager, Umpqua Resource Area
Bureau of Land Management
Project Name: Maidu Stewardship Project
Location: Far West: California
Summary: This project seeks to demonstrate traditional Mountain Maidu forest management techniques that restore whole ecosystems and to protect culturally significant sites.
Contact: Lorena Gorbet
Maidu Cultural and Development Group
(530) 284-1601
Project Name: Spokane District Packer Creek Hydrolic Restoration Project
Location: Far West: Washington
Summary: Partners worked together to restore the hydrology and associated wetland complexes of Packer Creek, while still maintaining livestock forage production, wildlife habitat and watershed needs.
Contact: Todd Thompson
Wildlife Biologist
Bureau of Land Management, Spokane District
Project Name: Presidential Quail Initiative
Location: National
Summary: Natural resource management agencies and groups developed a national, habitat-based recovery plan to reverse decline in bobwhite quail populations.
Contact: Donald McKenzie
Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative Coordinator
Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative
Project Name: Center for Plant Conservation
Location: National
Summary: The cooperative CPC network conserves and restores the rare native plants of the U.S. CPC maintains the National Collection of Endangered Plants, more than 600 of the nation's most imperiled flora.
Contact: Mark F. Barnett
Communications Coordinator
Center for Plant Conservation
Project Name: National Network of Forest Practitioners
Location: National
Summary: An alliance of rural people working to build a forest economy that is ecologically sound & socially just. An information clearinghouse, & a place for people to meet, learn, & make their voices heard.
Contact: Thomas Brendler
Executive Director
National Network of Forest Practitioners
Project Name: USGS Responds to the Emergence of Infectious Disease
Location: National
Summary: This partnership identifies emerging wildlife diseases, such as Type E botulism, amphibian and coral reef diseases, tularemia in rabbits, and exotic parasites of endangered fishes.
Contact: Rick Kearney
Program Coordinator
U. S. Geological Survey
Project Name: Watershed and Weather Information News Network
Location: National
Summary: Educational public outreach working to incorporate environmental issues and conservation messages into daily weather forecasts.
Contact: Sara Espinoza
Project Manager
National Environmental Education and Training Foundation