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  Abacoa New Town
  Acadia Trails Forever, Acadia National Park
  ACE Basin Project
  Action Teams for the Environment
  Afognak Island Timber Road Removal
  Agency on Bay Management
  Alabama Cave Shrimp
  Alaska Integrated Pest Management Program
  Altar Valley Conservation Alliance
  America’s Outdoors’ Urban Treehouse
  America’s Private Lands Conservation Partnership
  American Chestnut Restoration
  American Forests & Bureau of Land Management
  American Forests and Mountains to Sound Greenway
  American Fork Canyon Home Rivers Project
  American Heritage Rivers Initiative
  Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative
  Analysis of Fire Risk with Emphasis on Preservation of Cultural Resources
  Answer The Call Initiative
  Appalachian Mountain Club Maine Woods Initiative
  Appalachian National Scenic Trail
  Applegate Partnership
  Aquatic Nuisance Species Dispersal Barrier Project
  Arizona OHV Inventory Partnership
  Arkansas Conservation Partnership
  Army Compatible Use Buffer Project
  Arnold Air Force Base Conservation Core Team
  Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Program
  Asian Long-horned Beetle Eradication
  Assisting Agricultural Producers in Improving Water Quality
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