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  Great Bay Partnership Land and Waterfowl Conservation
  Great Lakes “Coaster” Brook Trout Restoration
  Great Lakes Deepwater Science Program
  Great Lakes Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation
  Great Plains Geographic Information Systems Partnership
  Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve
  Great Sand Dunes National Park
  Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration
  Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership
  Greater Ruidoso Area Wildland Urban Interface Group (GRAWUIG)
  Greater Yellowstone Coordination Sustainable Operations Subcommittee
  Greater Yellowstone Mammal Migrations
  Green and Solar Homes Tour
  Green Space for Living: Metro-Washington, DC Demonstration Project
  Green Topeka Sustainable Development
  Groundwork USA Initiative
  Guadalupe River Project, San Jose, California
  Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Stewardship Collaborative
  Guide for South Dakota Rural Homeowners
  Guildford Farm Conservation Development
  Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem Partnership (GCPEP)
  Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science in Tampa Bay
  Habitat Restoration for the Protection of Federally Listed Species
  Habitat Restoration in the Casco Bay Watershed
  Habitat use, seasonal movement and stock structure of bearded seals
  Hacienda Pellejas Endangered Species Habitat Restoration Project
  Hacienda Verde Shade Coffee Restoration Project in Puerto Rico
  Hanford Reach Fall Chinook Protection Program
  Hawaii Coral Reef and Native Algae Restoration
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