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  Lakeface Lamb and Clearwater Stewardship Projects
  Lakeview Stewardship Group
  Land Conservation Works in Augusta, Georgia
  Land O Lakes Ravine Restoration
  Land Restoration/Revegetation Fort Hood
  Land Trust/Municipal Partnerships for Conservation
  Landmark Grand Canyon Conservation Project
  Landscape Change on Native Lands: Southern Colorado Plateau
  Landscape Change, Grassland Health, and Bark Beetle Infestation
  Landscape level conservation in Southern California
  Las Humanas
  Lathrop Bayou Habitat Management Area
  Lee Creek Fish Passage Culvert Replacements
  Lemhi County Planning and Restoration Project
  Leopard Darter Recovery Plan
  Leopold Memorial Reserve
  Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Partnerships
  Lewiston Initiates Community Investment with Bates Mill Redevelopment
  Lick Run Project - Chancellorsville, VA
  Little Canyon Mountain Fuel Reduction Project
  Little River Drainage Fish Passage Restoration Project
  Little Vulcan Mountain Bighorn Restoration Project
  Living Learning Collaborative
  Local Action Strategies (LAS)
  Local Fisheries Knowledge Pilot Project
  Lone Star Legacy Red Drum Hatchery Project
  Long-term Monitoring at the East and West Flower Gardens
  Longleaf Pine and Oak Planting Projects
  Longleaf Pine and Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Recovery
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