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  Los Caminos Antiguos Byways Partnership
  Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Study
  Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Study
  Louisiana Coastal Area Land Change Study Group
  Lower Bronx River—A Community-Led Restoration Initiative
  Lower Cerrito Creek
  Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program
  Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership
  Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery Plan
  Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture
  Lower Truckee River Restoration
  Maidu Stewardship Project
  Maine Coast Protection Initiative
  Malpai Borderlands Partnership
  Managing Flooding in Metropolitan Milwaukee
  Mancos Shale Terrains & Gunnison Gorge Project
  Mapping Invasive Leafy Spurge with Remote Sensing
  MARINe Partnership with Paradise Cove Marine Elementary School
  Marsh Terracing Project
  Martell Rush River Protection
  Maryland Conservation Partnership
  Mattole Restoration Council
  McKenzie Creek Watershed Project
  Measuring Conservation Practices
  Mechanized Thinning Trial of Upland Hardwood Forests
  Mecklenburg County Ozone Reduction Action Program
  Medicine Bow Trail
  Mercury contamination in San Francisco Bay
  Merrymeeting Bay/Lower Kennebec Partnership
  Metropolitan Greenspaces Program
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