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  Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
  Michigan Conservation Stewards Program
  Michigan Frog & Toad Survey
  Michigan's Copper Country Cooperative Partnership
  Middle Mississippi River Wetland Restoration
  Midwest Invasive Plant Network
  Mill Creek Watershed
  Milton Preserve
  Minority and Underserved in Urban Natural Resource Conservation
  Mississippi Riverfront Trail
  Mississippi Wildlife and Grenada Lake
  Missouri Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
  Missouri Department of Conservation/NRCS Partnership
  Missouri Quail Habitat Initiative
  Missouri River Riparian
  Missouri SWCD/NRCS Partnership
  Missouri Watershed Research Assessment-Stewardship Project
  Mitchell River Coalition
  Monitoring Coastal Restoration Projects Manual
  Montana Water Trust
  Montana's Matador Ranch Grassbank
  Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail
  Moose Creek Fish Passage Restoration Project
  Morro Bay, Protecting Priority Habitats
  Mountain Island Lake water quality protection
  Mountain Plover Conservation Efforts in Colorado
  Mt. Emily Wildland Urban Interface Fuels Reduction Project
  Muddy Creek Coordinated Resource Management Project
  Muddy Creek Watershed Restoration Project - North Carolina
  Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium
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