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  Pathfinder Project on the Colorado “GMUG” National Forests
  Peach Resource Renewal Project
  Penobscot River Restoration Project
  People, land and streams of the Upper Thornton River Watershed
  Perenosa Bay, Afognak Island
  Performance Based Cleanup Initiative
  Perpetual Conservation of Historic Miantonomi Park in Rhode Island
  Perpetual Protection of 483 acres of Aquidneck Island drinking water reservoirs
  Phalen Corridor Brownfields Redevelopment
  Phelps Dodge/Gila River Indian Community Water Rights Settlement
  Philadelphia Vacant Land Management and Reclamation
  Phragmites Control on the Rappahannock River
  Pine Mountain Georgia
  Pingree Forest Partnership
  Platte River Ecosystem Program
  Platte River Habitat Partnership
  Pleasure Valley Conservancy
  Point Loma Ecological Reserve
  Ponderosa Pine Forest Partnership
  Poso Creek Flood Plain Wetland Habitat Project
  Post Mountain Collaborative Stewardship
  Potomac Watershed Partnership
  Powder River Conservation District, Flood Mitigation Efforts
  Preservation of Escobar's Highland Farm, one of last dairy farms in Rhode Island
  Preservation of Sleepy Hollow Ravine
  Preserving and Protecting the Environment of New River
  Preserving Drayton Plains, a Clinton River Natural Area
  Preserving the Desert Foothills
  Presidential Quail Initiative
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