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  Private landowners and conservation partners join to protect abandoned farmland
  Programs studying climate change, invasive species, and bald cypress swamp distribution
  Project Green
  Project GreenShores
  Protecting Fish Habitat in SC
  Protecting Iroquois “Hunt Country” – A Treasured Natural Habitat in Central Kentucky
  Protecting New Jersey's Sourland Region
  Protecting the San Mateo Watershed
  Providing Data Critical to Managing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for a Keystone Species
  Public access management as an adaptive wildlife management tool
  Public Lands Partnership
  Public-Private Partnerships to Promote Conservation and Use of Coastal and Ocean Resources
  Puerto Rican Crested Toad Recovery Project
  Puget Sound & Coastal WA Hatchery Reform Project
  Puget Sound and Adjacent Waters Restoration Program
  Puget Sound Georgia Basin Ecosystem Management Collaboration
  Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership
  Puget Sound Shared Strategy
  Quabbin to Cardigan Collaborative
  Quintana Beach County Park
  Quivira Coalition
  Raccoon Ecological Management Area
  Ragg Station Trail Restoration Project
  Rapid Response to DOI Land and Resource Manager's needs:
  Rathbun Lake Water Quality Protection Project
  Recoverability and Vulnerability of Desert Ecosystems (RVDE) Project: Mojave Desert Ecosystems
  Recovery of the White Sea Bass along the California Coast
  Red Cliffs Desert Reserve
  Red River Basin Restoration Effort
  Red River of the North
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