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  Rocky Mountain Front Project
  Rocky Reach, Rock Island and Wells Projects Habitat Conservation Plans
  Rogue River Basin Collaborative Basin-Scale Modeling for High Priority Restoration Needs
  Round Ball Mountain
  RTR Respect the (Rio, River, Resource)
  Ruidoso River Association
  Safeguarding Natural and Cultural Heritage in National Parks
  Sage Grouse Working Groups
  Saint Croix Ground Lizard Habitat Restoration, Hotel on the Cay Partnership
  Salmon Creek Watershed Reforestation Project
  Salmon Valley Stewardship
  Salt Cedar Brush Management
  Salt Pond Restoration in San Francisco Bay
  Salton Sea Region Air Quality and Human Health Impacted Due to Lowering Water Level
  San Bernardino National Forest Association
  San Francisco Bay Joint Venture
  Sand Flats Recreation Area, Grand County, Utah
  Sandhills Task Force
  Sandy Neck/ Great Marsh Land Conservation
  Sandy River Riparian Habitat Protection Project
  Santa Ana River Watershed Program
  Saratoga Apple Orchard
  Saratoga Development and Conservation Project
  Saratoga Lake Preserve
  Saving the Natural and Working Landscape in Kennebec and Waldo Counties
  Saving Willamette Valley Species with CPR
  Sawdust Remediation to Protect Endangered Species
  Sawtooth National Recreation Area and Sawtooth Society
  Scarborough Marsh Wetland Reserve Project
  Schuylkill Action Network
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