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  Science Used to Strengthen Protection of Hawaiian Reef Fishes
  Seabird Protection Program
  Seven Basins Fire Planning Project
  Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District
  Shenandoah Valley Regional Water Resources Policy Committee
  Shoreline Stabilization in Chesapeake Bay Area
  Shortleaf Pine-Bluestem Ecosystem Restoration Project
  Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College
  Silver Salmon Creek Fish Passage Restoration Project
  Siuslaw Basin Partnership
  Skagit Watershed Council: A Community Partnership for Salmon
  Skaneateles Lake
  Slickspot Peppergrass Candidate Conservation Agreement
  Smithville Lake
  Soap Lake Science and Community Collaborative
  Sonoita Valley Planning Partnership
  Sonoma Baylands Wetland Demonstration Project
  Sonoran Pronghorn Captive Breeding Program
  Soulen Ranch Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel Candidate Conservation Agreement
  South Florida Ecosystem Restoration
  South Phillips County Rancher Stewardship Alliance
  Southeastern New Mexico Working Group
  Southern Appalachian Elk Restoration
  Southern Arkansas Environmental Improvement Project
  Southern Lake Michigan Rim Project
  Southern Nevada Agency Partnership Project (SNAPP)
  Southern Nevada Lands Partnership
  Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Initiative
  Southwest Strategy
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