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  Watershed Research and Training Center (Hayfork Partnership)
  West Bay Conservation Corridor
  West Branch Project, Maine
  West Branch Restoration Project, Arizona
  West Coast Collaborative
  West Eugene Wetlands Partnership
  West Milton Preserve
  Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)
  Wet Mountain Valley
  Wetlands Partnership
  White Mountain Apache Tribe
  White Mountain Stewardship Project
  WILD Nebraska
  Wildland Fire Leadership Council
  Wildlife Forever Minnesota Twins Bass Fishing Classic
  Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest
  Wildlife Habitat Registry
  Willamette River Water Trail
  Willamette Sustainable Rivers Project
  Willapa Bay Cooperative Restoration Effort
  Willow Living Snow Fence
  Wind Road Farms
  Windbreak and Air Quality
  Winter-Eden Farm Easement
  Winyah Bay Focus Area
  Wissahickon Creek
  Woodlands Trail and Park, Inc.
  Yaak Valley Forest Council
  Yainix Ranch Project
  Yampa River System Legacy Project
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