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  Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act Task Force
  Codornices Creek and Ohlone Greenway
  Codornices Creek Salmonid Restoration
  Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan -- CCWRAP
  Collaborating on Regional Innovation and Services
  Collaborative Effort to Preserve Kentuckyís Bluegrass Region
  Collaborative Resource Stewardship in National Trails System
  Collaborative Volunteer Invasives Monitoring Project
  Colorado Cattlemenís Agricultural Land Trust
  Colorado River Refuge
  Columbia River Basin Restoration Collaboration
  Columbia River Estuary Spill Fund
  Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission (CRITFC)
  Comanche Pool Prairie Resource
  Commencement Bay Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration
  Community Floodplain Buyout Partnership
  Community-Based Alliance for Training and Sustainable Stewardship
  Community-Based Collaboration and Kenai Winter Access Planning
  Community-Based Monitoring
  Compatible Use Buffer Program
  Confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers
  Confluence: A Conservation, Heritage & Recreation Corridor
  Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Partnership
  Connecticut River - Riverbank Restoration
  Conservation on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation
  Conservation Security Program in the St. Joseph Watershed
  Conserving Biodiversity in Pierce County, Washington
  Conserving Georgia's Dwindling Farmland
  Conserving Marylandís Threatened Bog Turtle
  Conserving Prairie Ranches, Ranchers, and Grassland Birds
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