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  Conserving the Truckee River Canyon
  Continental Divide Trail Alliance
  Controlling Invasive Tamarisk in Aravaipa Canyon
  Cool Springs, NC
  Cooperative Air Quality Workshops
  Cooperative and Integrated Remediation and Restoration planning
  Cooperative Community-Based Habitat Restoration
  Cooperative Conservation in Louisiana
  Cooperative Habitat Enhancement and Wildlife Management Project
  Cooperative Mountain Goat Habitat Modeling and Habitat Use and Sighting Surveys
  Cooperative Riparian Restoration and Beach Closures
  Cooperative Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Initiative
  Cooperative Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Initiative
  Cooperative Weed Management Areas
  Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (CWRP)
  Cosumnes River Preserve
  Cox Creek Cooperative Weed Management Area
  Creating a Natural Resource Plan for Philipstown NY
  Creating Recreation Outlets through Land Revitalization Efforts
  Creating, Protecting, and Restoring Kansas Wetlands and Streams
  Creeks & Communities
  Crissy Field Restoration
  Critical Habitat of Endangered Piping Plover Preserved
  Critters Pocket Guide Series
  Cromer Ridge OHV Management: Daniel Boone NF
  Culebra Habitat Restoration Project
  Culebra Range Community Coalition
  Cusick Wetland Restoration
  Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Initiative
  Dairy Compost Utilization
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