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  Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture
  Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition
  Eastside Reinvestment Area
  Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve
  Ecosystem Enhancement Program
  Effects of climate variability and land use on American drylands
  Elizabeth River Project
  Elk City Township Defensible Space Project
  Elk Collaborative
  Endangered Species Act Assurances for Private Landowners
  Endangered Species Conservation Partnership
  Endangered, native Colorado River fish conservation, restoration and recovery
  Energy Grants to Agricultural Producers
  EnergyXchange Renewable Energy Center
  Enid Lake
  Enlisting Private Landowners and the Army for Endangered Species
  Envision Utah
  Escobar's Highland Farm
  Evolution of the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC)
  Expanded State Park on Lake James, N.C.
  Experiments to Evaluate Sea Turtle Mitigation Measures in the Pelagic Longline Fishery
  Family Forest Habitat Conservation Plan
  Feather River Coordinated Resource Management Group
  Fire-affected Community Restoration and Recovery
  FireWise Communities
  Fish and Amphibian Use of Seasonal Aquatic Habitats in Grass Seed Producing Fields of the Willamette Basin
  Fish and Mussel Propagation in the Upper Tennessee River Basin of Virginia
  Fish and Wildlife Service Fish Passage Program
  Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification
  Fisheries Restoration and Irrigation Mitigation Act Program
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